How to Avoid Bonus Abuse

How to Avoid Bonus Abuse

Online casinos often use bonuses to bring in new customers and keep players already at the casino happy. The offers change in some form or another, but typically they give players the chance to try out the casino’s games to encourage them to deposit their own money. Everyone wins through this. 

Some players try to use bonus offers as a way to take advantage of online casinos. Most players who play at online casinos have no intention of doing anything of the sort, but some are looking to make easy money at the expense of breaking the rules. Online casinos, understandably, crack down hard on players who do this. They can ban accounts, take away funds, and apply legal actions to players they find doing this. 

What exactly is Bonus Abuse at Online Casinos? 

Bonus abuse can be done in many ways, but the key theme across all attempts is that it involves ignoring casino rules. This could be by setting up multiple accounts or taking out bonus money without fulfilling requirements from the casino. 

Those who do this will select between many casinos looking for bonuses they can try to claim multiple times. Gamblers who are more committed to bonus abuse will use fake IDs, VPNs, and other methods to remain undetected by the casino and continue abusing the bonuses to their advantage. Online casinos are constantly trying to combat players doing this, and this goes some way in explaining the strict measure put in place when players sign up. 

It is worth noting that this is a minute number, and in many cases, it is players who think they are being clever and not doing anything wrong. 

Types of Casino Bonus Abuse

As we mentioned, there is a myriad of ways players try to use bonuses to their advantage. If they are stopped in one way, they will try another. Below we list some of the methods they use. 

Bonus Hunting

The premise works on a high volatility basis. Players choose the best promotions out there and redeem them to bet on games with big jackpots. If they don’t win, they move on to a different online casino and do the same thing. They hope that they win a huge jackpot that covers the cost of the wagering requirements they rack up. 

Creating Multiple Accounts

If you have signed up for an online casino, you will have noticed that it’s obvious you are only meant to have one account. They keep track of your name and IP address to stop you from creating multiple. Players who bonus abuse will use VPNs to appear to be in different places to trick the site into allowing registration. This means they can claim bonuses multiple times from the same sportsbook.

Collusion Play Methods

This is one of the more complicated methods to detect and stop. This method takes the responsibility out of one person’s hands and spreads it across multiple people. It could be someone coordinating lots of people to sign up and send any winnings from the bonus to them. Or it could be at a table game where players combine to make money. 

Playthrough Using Large Bets

Sometimes online casinos give people pretty big bets to use as a bonus, and players can exploit this by putting huge wagers on games. The payouts from this can be huge, and casinos don’t like it because it’s seen as breaking the trust placed into the player by rewarding them with the bonus. 

How to Avoid Bonus Abuse When Gambling?

If you, like many other people, just want to enjoy gambling and avoid anything to do with bonus abuse, there are ways to do so. Follow our actions below to make sure casinos see you are a good and honest player. 

  • Placing big bets with bonus money: As discussed, casinos don’t like players doing this with high volatility games. Make the bonus bets in smaller amounts to make sure you are playing correctly.
  • Signing up to an online gambling site twice: As you have probably gathered, this is one of the worst things you can do. If you want to enjoy multiple bonuses, then sign up to different casinos and follow the rules at all of them.
  • Fail to check the Terms and Conditions: Sometimes bonuses have certain requirements limitations, and to avoid any issues, make sure to read these before using a bonus. 
  • Play irregularly: As a part of the terms and conditions, casinos will include information on irregular play. Try to avoid using the bonuses in this way. 
  • Only make deposits with bonuses: Casinos may flag this as suspicious behavior if you only make bonuses to take advantage of bonuses. If you are an honest player, then the best thing you can do is deposit money and play for the sake of playing, not to take advantage of bonuses. 

Using Bonuses Legally in the US

As we have tried to emphasize, most players gambling online are just trying to enjoy themselves. If you are reading this, that probably includes you. As a part of that, you may be wondering about the legality of online gambling in the US. Many states have passed the necessary legislation, and as long as you are of legal age, you can gamble online in them. To get online casino bonuses and use them safely, find an online casino and start playing today.