US Online Casino Payment Methods

US Online Casino Payment Methods

With all legal US casinos, you can choose a range of payment options that ensure customer safety and ease. As with any transaction you make online, players need to exercise caution when giving personal details to casinos. Our experts will look at the most popular payment methods with online casinos and what you should know about them.

We will look at the pros and cons of the payment method types, important features, and advice for new players. Read on to have your casino account funded and ready for play.

Popular Deposit Methods

Here are some of the most well-known payment methods in US online casinos and what you should know about them. 

Credit Cards

The first thing to note about this method is that you can only use it to fund deposits and not make withdrawals. Credit cards are considered a traditional payment method, and players may take comfort from this. Paying with a credit card is a simple process and doesn’t require any third-party interference. You just enter your details in the deposit section of the casino to add funds to your account.

Many online casinos will have limits on credit card deposits that are lower than on other payment methods. Although this is to fight against fraud, it can be frustrating for players who like to place big bets. There is also the chance that casinos don’t accept your credit card. Mastercard and Visa both have high acceptance rates. However, other credit card providers, like Amex or Discover, are often not accepted. 

The online gambling industry in America has only really just started to gain momentum, and some credit card providers haven’t moved with the times. You will sometimes find banks block transactions to gambling sites. Even if your payment is processed, your bank may charge fees for the transaction. In some states, credit card usage with online casinos is banned, so read your local legislation before choosing your payment method.

Debit Cards

Many players know what debit cards are and use them in their day to day lives. They are also a popular choice for gamblers as they are easy to use with online casinos. Debit card deposits will also not incur any transaction fees, which gives them an advantage over credit cards. Fewer states reject debit card payments as well.

The debit card falls with a similar flaw to credit cards in that withdrawals are not permitted. That means even if you set up a debit card payment method, you’ll have to spend time setting up another payment method to withdraw funds. Players whose primary concern is security may find more comfort using a payment method with third-party features. That way, you are not directly entering your private details into the online casino. 

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers main appeal are the security features. Most popular online casinos in the US accept bank transfers, and customers can feel safe knowing their bank’s security is handling the transaction. This makes bank transfers the obvious choice for high rollers, as keeping large sums of money safe is of peak priority. 

The downside to this layer of security is convenience. Bank transfers are two-stage transaction processes and routinely take much longer than other methods. Once you are used to the process, however, you can start funding your account very quickly. You can also withdraw with this method giving it a sizable advantage over others. 


According to studies, e-wallets are the most popular payment method across the US gambling market. This is due to the reputation of speed and safety that many e-wallets have. Most online casinos will accept significant e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. 

Those who accept e-wallets will also allow you to use them for withdrawals, and often e-wallets have the quickest withdrawal times. It can take as little as two days for your winnings to be returned to you. Some e-wallets do have transaction fees attached, so do look into this before making your selection.

E-wallets also have security benefits, as you don’t have to enter your details directly into the online casino. E-wallets are also aligned with governing bodies in the US over safe online gambling. Paypal changed its user agreement in 2010 so that only casinos with regulation from officials in the US can provide Paypal as a payment option. Commitment to this means players can feel reassured they are not using a scam site. 

Choose a Legal Payment Method at Online Casinos in the US

The key thing to remember is that whatever payment method you choose, as long as you enjoy yourself at a legal online casino, then it’s really down to preference. As with the safety of payment methods, players can now feel reassured about using online casinos in many parts of the US. It’s legal in many US states, and more are looking to pass the necessary legislation. If you want to play at an online casino in the US, check to make sure it’s legal where you are playing, and fund your account with a secure payment method.